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Welcome. Ask the Trainer is designed to provide answers to the most commonly asked fitness questions. Please carefully read the disclaimer below, as you are responsible for making appropriate, informed decisions about your health and fitness. As always, remember to consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen. 
Kathleen Ekdahl, certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, will respond to your
question via e-mail. Please provide all information requested. This information is necessary for Kathy to give you advice tailored to your individual fitness needs.
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News: Kathy is in the process of formalizing her long-distance training program. She is developing a Web interface for communicating with her clients. If you are interested in learning about the progress and launch of this service via the Web, add your name to the e-mail list.

Ask The Trainer

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If you currently exercise, describe the type and level of exercises in your program and tell the number of times per week. For example, "I power walk 2 miles, 3 times per week." or "I participate in aquatic aerobics classes for beginners 1 time per week and exercise with 5 lb. weights 2 times per week."  
Provide any information that you think will help Kathy provide a personalized response. Information like, "I have exercise-induced asthma.", "I am slightly/moderately/severely overweight.", "I am a recovered anorexic.", "I recently had a heart attack.", and "I just completed a Triathlon.", is important. 


About Kathleen Ekdahl
Kathleen Ekdahl is an ACE and AFAA certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and an AAAI-ISMA certified Yoga instructor. Kathy has over 13 years experience in the fitness industry and is a presenter and consultant for fitness professionals throughout Massachusetts. Kathy resides in Massachusetts with her husband and two children. She offers in-person and long-distance personal training. Learn more.

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Privacy Policy
Your information will not be shared with other person(s) nor organizations. You will not be added to an e-mail list. The information requested helps Kathy provide a response pertinent to your situation and needs. Kathy's desire is to provide you with suggestions and information, tailored to your fitness needs, that you can discuss with your physician before implementing.  

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The information given on Ask the Trainer is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. The information is not intended as a substitute for advice or treatment that may have been prescribed by your physician. You should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program, or before adhering to the recommendations given by Ask the Trainer. You are personally responsible for the way in which the information or recommendations given by Ask the Trainer are perceived and implemented, and do so at your own risk. All representatives of Ask the Trainer and New England Wellness Web shall not be held responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur due to the use of any advice given on Ask the Trainer. 

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